Best Ultrasound in Chandigarh

Get the most comfortable Ultrasound in Chandigarh at cheapest price. We also provide all Radio Diagnostic services like MRI Scan, Ultrasound, X-ray, Echo, ECG, EEG and PET Scan from best Centers in Chandigarh at best price. Our Ultrasound price starts from Rs.800 only.

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Ultrasound in Chandigarh from Rs.800 only

We provides World Class Ultrasound Facility at cheapest price in tricity. We are equipped with best and accurate machine for USG. With best in class skilled technicians, it is the safest & best in the region for all your health related worries.

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Ultrasound labs in chandigarh

Best ultrasound labs in chandigarh to provide you the cheapest price USG. Book appointment now to avail special discounts

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ultrasound in chandigarh

Ultrasound From Rs.800

With best in class skilled technicians, it is the safest & best in the region for all your Ultrasound related worries.

In-house Radiologist

We have in-house Radiologist at MRI Chandigarh so, you will get same day report with accurate results.

Pick drop facility

We provide free pick and drop facility for our patients in tricity for MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan with cheapest price in Chandigarh.

World Class Technology

We are equipped with World Class UltraSound or Sonography Facility at Reasonable pricing. With best in class skilled technicians.

UltraSound Chandigarh
UltraSound in Chandigarh
UltraSound labs in Chandigarh
Best UltraSound centre in Chandigarh

UltraSound Chandigarh

Best UltraSound Labs in Chandigarh

We are one stop medical diagnostic center in Chandigarh. We are one of the leading UltraSound lab in Chandigarh providing combined state-of-the art Radio-imaging services. At MRI Chandigarh our price are very less in the market for UltraSounds while maintaining the quality.

We offer a best and fast UltraSound in Chandigarh at the best possible price. There are no hidden fees. You will also benefit from our medical recommendations for onward referral once we have received the results of your MRI scan.

  • Best price for UltraSound in Chandigarh.
  • Free pick and drop facility
  • In-house radiologist for same day report
  • 24/7 open for consultation, support and booking appointments.
  • Partnered with best UltraSound labs in Chandigarh.
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  • What is UltraSound?

    Ultrasound examination, also called sonography or diagnostic medical sonography, is an imaging method that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce precise images of structures within the body.

  • What are the uses for an UltraSound?

    The images produced during an ultrasound examination often provide information that is valuable in diagnosing and treating a variety of diseases and conditions. Diagnostic ultrasound is recognized worldwide.

  • How Are Ultrasound Done?

    Most of the ultrasound examinations are done using a sonar device outside of the body, though some ultrasound examinations involve placing a device inside the body.

  • How long does an CT Scan take?

    UltraSound time depends on the exact area of the body studied, but ranges from 15 minutes to an hour.

  • What is the approximate cost of an Ultrasound in Chandigarh?

    Price for Ultrasound in Chandigarh starts from Rs.800 at, you will also get cheapest price starts from Rs.1200 only for MRI head, knee, brain etc.

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    Our Services

    Best radio diagnostics services we provide.

    We are leading marketplace in Chandigarh providing all radio diagnostic services like MRI, CT Scan, PET scan, Utlrasound, X-ray, Echo, ECG.

    MRI in Chandigarh

    1.5T and 3.0T MRI in Chandigarh

    We are pleased to offer the high field strength 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla- the most comfortable MRI experience in Chandigarh. It delivers exceptional quality images. You can rest easy inside and the physician can test easy with a confident diagnosis.

    • Same day reporting
    • Best price in tricity
    • Free pick & drop
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    CT Scan in Chandigarh

    CT Scan in Chandigarh

    We provides world class CT Scan Facility at cheapest price. With best in class skilled technicians, it is the safest best in the region for all your health related worries.

    • Same day reporting
    • Best price in tricity
    • Free pick & drop
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    PET Scan in Chandigarh

    PET Scan in Chandigarh

    Cheapest price for PET scan in Chandigarh. Get PET scan at just Rs.14500 with free pick & drop, medicine, food and everything you need for a comfortable PET scan..

    • Same day reporting
    • Cheapest price in tricity
    • Free pick & drop
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    Ultrasound in chandigarh
    Ultrasound in Chandigarh 800
    • UltraSound facility
    • Reporting time
    • Ultrasound price in Chandigarh
    • Location and Support

    Best UltraSound labs in Chandigarh

    At CT Scan Chandigarh, we use latest technology equipments at our parrtnered diagnostic centers which provide accurate results. We have trained radiologists who will assist you during the ultrasound and make it a smooth experience.

    • Same day reporting
    • Cheapest price in tricity
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    X-Ray in Chandigarh

    X-ray in Chandigarh

    We are partnered with multiple X-Ray centres which offer low-cost X-Ray Facilities in Chandigarh. X-rays are a type of radiation called electromagnetic waves and it produces images of bones and certain tissues within the body.

    • Same day reporting
    • Cheapest price in tricity
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    Echo, ECG, EEG

    Echo, ECG, EEG

    Get Echo, ECG and EEG test at best price in Chandigarh.

    • Same day reporting
    • Cheapest price in tricity
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    Our Patient Feedback

    Anand Mirchandani


    The facility is clean, the staff is courteous, and the reports are provided in a timely fashion. All in all a great place for CT scan in Chandigarh. Special discount for PGI Chandigarh patients.


    MRI Scan

    Staff is friendly I am happy lab is cleaned. Staff care the patient it is very good diagnostic centre

    Rohan Lal


    Used their service recently for my brother's UltraSound in Chandigarh and they had made it very convenient to book the scan and not just that they even told me what prerequisites I needed to take like fasting overnight. Will definitely use their service again.

    Sourabh Sharma

    MRI Scan

    Tried them for the first time for my MRI scan. Great service over the phone for appointment and from the technician who performed the scan. Got the report the same day by evening. Great experience overall.

    Ajay Mathur

    MRI Scan

    I have got three scans done in the last few months at this centre. I recommend CT Scan Chandigarh to my family and friends for MRI scan if there is a need. For me most importantly the technician are very capable. Also overall not a bad experience at all. I would easily recommend this place to people i know.


    MRI Scan

    MRI Chandigarh - MRI, CT Scan centre is best because the fees of MRI is less as compare to all MRI, CT Scan centre in Chandigarh which is near by PGI. I done my MRI and the report is pretty accurate.


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    MRI Chandigarh - Best MRI Scan Centre in Chandigarh for all MRI, CT Scan and PET Scans. Get most comfortable MRI scan at best price with free pick and drop facility in tricity.

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