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What causes a borderline abnormal ecg?

Navigating Your ECG Results

Received a borderline abnormal ECG result? Understand what it means and the potential causes behind it.

Understanding ECG

What is an ECG?

ECG measures the heart's electrical activity to assess its health and functionality.

The Gray Area

Borderline Abnormal ECG Explained

A borderline abnormal ECG sits between normal and clearly abnormal results, indicating slight deviations in heart rhythms or patterns.

Behind the Results: Factors include minor heart rhythm variations, electrolyte imbalances, medication effects, or even the way the test was conducted.

Common Causes

Often, these results are not a cause for immediate concern but do require further evaluation to understand their significance.

Is It Serious?

Follow-up tests or monitoring may be recommended by your healthcare provider to determine if there's an underlying heart condition.

Moving Forward

Healthy lifestyle choices can influence heart health. Consider diet, exercise, and stress management as preventive measures.

Lifestyle Considerations

Understanding and addressing your discomfort after an MRI without contrast is crucial to your health journey. Remember, you're not alone, and help is available.

Your Health Journey

Regular check-ups and open communication with your healthcare provider are key to managing and understanding your heart health.

Staying Proactive

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