Liver Fibroscan in Chandigarh

Liver Fibroscan in Chandigarh

FibroScan is a type of liver elastography. FibroScan is a special ultrasound technology that measures liver stiffness (hardness) and fatty changes in your liver. These measurements help your healthcare provider learn more about your liver disease

Fibroscan is used to diagnose and monitor – liver conditions such as cirrhosis, fibrosis, and inflammation. It is also used to assess the severity of these conditions and to monitor the effectiveness of treatment. In addition to the liver, Fibroscan can also be used to assess the stiffness of the pancreas, kidney, and thyroid gland.

Here are some FAQs about Fibroscan:

How do healthcare providers perform Fibroscan?

Healthcare providers perform Fibroscan by placing the probe on the skin of the abdomen or other areas of the body being tested. The patient lies on their back on an examination table, and the procedure takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Is Fibroscan painful?

Fibroscan is not painful, although some patients may experience slight discomfort due to the pressure of the probe on the skin.

How accurate is Fibroscan compared to other tests?

Fibroscan is a reliable and accurate test for diagnosing and monitoring a variety of conditions. However, it is not as accurate as a biopsy, which is the gold standard for assessing organ health.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with Fibroscan?

Fibroscan is a safe and well-tolerated procedure with minimal risks. No known side effects were associated with the test.

How often should patients undergo Fibroscan?

The frequency of Fibroscan depends on the individual patient’s condition and treatment plan. It may be performed once or multiple times, depending on the need for monitoring and assessment.

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