7 Unique and healthy recipes to boost your Vitamin D levels

Sunny Smoothie

Start your day with a smoothie made from orange juice, yogurt, and a bit of sunshine!

Cheesy Egg Muffins

Snack on these mini egg muffins with lots of cheese and spinach – they're super fun!

Tasty Tuna Salad

Mix tuna with some leafy greens for a quick and healthy lunch!

Who loves pizza? Try these easy pizza pockets filled with mushrooms and cheese!

Mushroom Pizza Pockets

Bake these salmon sticks for a crunchy dinner treat. Dip them in yogurt sauce!

Salmon Sticks

Fortified Orange Pops

Freeze orange juice into popsicles for a cool, creamy treat!

Almond and Dates Snack Bars

Energy bars made with almonds and dates are perfect for a quick snack!

Vitamin D in Foods

Did you know? Mushrooms, salmon, and fortified milk are great for Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps keep your bones strong and your body happy!