Apple vs. Pear: Which is Better for Digestive Health?

What’s Inside an Apple?

Apples are juicy and packed with fiber!

Meet the Pear!

Pears are super sweet and have lots of good fiber too.

Fiber Fight!

Both fruits have fiber, but pears have a bit more. Fiber helps your digestion.

Apples have vitamin C which keeps you healthy.

Vitamin Boost

Pears are rich in vitamins too, like vitamin K!

Pears' Plus

Hydration Hero

Eating an apple can help keep you hydrated because it’s mostly water.

Pears & Hydration

Pears are juicy and help you stay hydrated, just like apples!

Easy on Tummy

Pears are gentle on your stomach and can be easier to digest.

Apple's Advantage

Apples have a type of fiber that helps clean your guts.

Both are awesome for your health.