Are Cozy Clothes Recommended for MRI Scans?

Comfort Matters

MRI scans can be long, so comfort is key. Cozy clothes can help you relax during the procedure.

Avoid Metal

Ensure your cozy attire is free from metal. Metal objects can interfere with MRI machines.

Soft Fabrics

Choose soft, non-restrictive fabrics like cotton or fleece. They keep you warm and comfortable.

Loose Fit

Wear loose-fitting clothes to avoid feeling constricted. It’s important to lie still during the scan.

MRI rooms can be cold. Layering with a cozy sweater or sweatpants keeps you warm.

Layer Up

Remove all jewelry and accessories. Even small metal pieces can affect the MRI results.

No Jewelry

Hospital Gowns

Some facilities may provide hospital gowns. Always check with your MRI technician beforehand.

Patient Experience

Patients often report feeling more at ease in their own comfy clothes. Comfort can ease anxiety.

Before your MRI, double-check your attire for any hidden metal. Safety first!