Are MRI Scans Painful? Expose Myths

What is an MRI?

It's a large tube that takes pictures of the inside of your body!

The Big Question: Does it Hurt?

Many people think MRI scans hurt, but guess what? They don’t! Let's find out why.

Super Sounds

MRIs make loud noises like a drumming band because of their powerful magnets. But that’s all noise, no pain!

Cozy and Still

During an MRI, you get to lie down and stay super still, just like playing the 'statue' game!

Most MRI scans don’t need any needles. It’s just you and the machine.

No Needles Needed!

Some people feel a bit scared because of the sounds or being inside the tube, but it’s safe and pain-free.

It's Not Scary!

Dress Code

You’ll wear comfy clothes without any metal and even get a special locker for your stuff!

Friendly Techs

There’s always a friendly technician who talks to you through a microphone, so you’re not alone.

Afterwards, doctors can see super cool pictures of inside your body, helping them keep you healthy!