Tattoos and MRI: Exploring Safety

Discover if tattoos are safe to have during an MRI scan.

Understanding Tattoos

Learn about colorful designs on your skin that some people get called tattoos.

Metal in Tattoos

Find out if tattoos contain any metal, like tiny spot that could cause problems in an MRI.

Safety Concerns

Understand why it's important to check if your tattoo has metal before going into the MRI machine.

Learn why it's important to tell the doctors and MRI staff if you have tattoos.

Communication Matters

Explore how doctors can make sure your tattoos are safe for the MRI.

Tattoo Safety Check

Non-Metallic Tattoos

Discover that tattoos without metal are usually safe for an MRI.

Follow Instructions

Learn about any special instructions the doctors give you about tattoos and MRIs.

Stay safe and informed about tattoos and MRI scans for a worry-free experience.