Are there Alternatives to MRI for Claustrophobic Patients?

What's an MRI?

An MRI is a special camera that lets doctors see inside your body, like a superhero's x-ray vision!

Feeling Scared?

Sometimes, the MRI machine can feel a bit too snug, making some people feel scared.

Good News!

There are other awesome way doctors can use that don't make you feel closed in!

CT Scans

A CT scan is like an MRI but faster, and you don’t have to be inside a tube for long.

Ever seen a baby in mom’s belly? That’s an ultrasound! It’s super gentle and open.


Open MRI machines have more space inside, so you won’t feel as boxed in.

Open MRI

Robotic X-rays

These cool machines move around you and don’t need you to go inside anything.

Listen to Music

Wearing headphones and listening to your favorite tunes can also help you relax.

Doctors can teach you how to breathe deeply and relax, making the process easier.