Being Safe with Strong Cancer Medicines

What Are Cancer Medicines?

Doctors use special medicines to fight cancer. They're strong and help get rid of sick cells!

Why Are They Strong?

These medicines need to be powerful to beat the tough cancer cells and make you healthier.

Taking Your Medicine

Always take your medicine exactly how your doctor tells you, no more and no less.

Keep your medicine in a safe place where only adults can reach them. They need special care!

Storing Medicine Safely

Sometimes, these medicines can make you feel tired or sick. That's normal but tell an adult.

Feeling Different

Eating Right

Eating healthy snacks and meals can help your body fight along with the medicine.

Staying Clean

Washing your hands and staying clean keeps germs away while your body is fighting cancer.

Visiting the Doctor

You'll visit the doctor often so they can make sure the medicine is working right.

Talk About Feelings

It's okay to talk about how you feel. If the medicine makes you sad or worried, tell someone.

Doctors, nurses, family, and friends are all there to help you be strong and safe.