Benefits of Switching from Milk to Almond Milk

Easy on Tummies

Some tummies don't like cow milk. Almond milk can be easier to drink for them!

Strong Bones

Almond milk has calcium for strong bones, just like regular milk does!

Vitamin Hero

It's full of vitamin D, which helps keep our bones healthy.

Almond milk has fewer calories, making it a light and healthy choice.

Low in Calories

This milk is heart-friendly with zero cholesterol.

No Cholesterol


Making almond milk uses less water and helps the planet more than cow milk.


It's safe for friends who are allergic to cow's milk!

Tastes Great

Almond milk is tasty! It's good in cereals, coffee, or just by itself!

Strong Muscles

It has proteins that help build strong muscles.

People who eat only plant-based foods love it because it's made from almonds!