Brand Medicine vs. Generic: What's the Difference?

What is Medicine?

Medicine helps us feel better when we're sick. There are two types: brand-name and generic.

Brand-Name Medicine

Brand-name medicines are the first of their kind, made by a specific company.

Meet the Generic!

Generic medicines are like the brand-name but usually cost less.

Generic and brand-name medicines might look different in color or shape, but they work the same.

They Look Different

Some people choose brand medicines because they know and trust the company.

Why Choose Brand?

Why Go Generic?

Generics are cheaper and offer the same benefits, which saves money.

Same Ingredients

Both types have the same main ingredients and work just as well.

Why the Price Difference?

Brand-name drugs cost more because of the research and advertising the company does.

Always talk to your doctor about which medicine is best for you.