Can Medicine Change How Food Tastes?

What is Taste?

Taste helps us enjoy food! Our tongue can taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami.

Meet Your Tongue!

Your tongue has tiny bumps called taste buds that let you taste all the yummy flavors!

What is Medicine?

Medicines help us feel better when we're sick, but they can have weird effects too.

Some medicines can coat your taste buds and block the flavors you usually taste.

Medicine & Taste Buds

Medicines can make food taste metallic, bitter, or just different than usual.

Types of Taste Changes

Why Does This Happen?

Medicines change the way your brain understands the signals from your taste buds.

Common Culprits

Did you know antibiotics and heart medications are famous for changing how things taste?

Drinking lots of water and eating mild foods can help mask the weird tastes.