Can MRI Machines See Your Heartbeat?

The MRI Mystery

MRI machines are like magical cameras that take pictures of the inside of your body, but can they see your heartbeat?

Heartbeat Symphony

MRI machines can't actually see your heartbeat, but they can see your heart moving!

Beating Rhythm

MRI scans can capture the movement of your heart as it pumps blood through your body.

Clear Pictures

MRI images show your heart in action, but they don't show the heartbeat itself.

Doctors use MRI scans to study how your heart moves and functions, helping them keep you healthy.

Seeing the Motion

While MRI machines can't hear your heartbeat, doctors use stethoscopes to listen to your heart rhythm.

Listening to Your Heart

Heart Health

MRI scans help doctors check for heart problems and plan the best treatment for you.

Stay Calm and Still

During an MRI scan of your heart, it's important to stay very still so the pictures come out clear.

Your doctors and technicians are experts at using MRI machines to keep you healthy and happy.