Can Tattoos Go on an MRI Adventure?

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's like a giant camera that takes pictures of inside your body!

Tattoos: Cool Art on Skin!

Tattoos are designs on your skin made with inks. People get them for many reasons!

Ink Secrets

Some tattoo inks have metals, which react to the MRI’s big magnet.

Feeling Warm?

During an MRI, areas with some tattoo inks might feel a tiny bit warm, but it's usually safe.

Doctors and MRI techs make sure it’s safe for you before you go into the machine.

Safety First

Very rarely, some people feel a little discomfort in their tattoo during an MRI.

Rare But Real

What If I Feel Something?

If you feel anything unusual, the MRI technician is right there to help you.

Cool Facts!

Most people with tattoos go through MRIs without any problems at all!

It’s important to tell your doctor about your tattoos before an MRI.