Can Wearing Makeup Mess Up Your MRI?

What's an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's a big machine that doctors use to see inside your body!

Inside the MRI

The MRI uses powerful magnets to create pictures of your insides, like your brain and bones.

Getting Ready for an MRI

When you need an MRI, doctors will ask you to remove anything metal you're wearing.

Guess What? Makeup Counts!

Some makeup has tiny metal particles that can affect the MRI pictures.

Yes! Metals like iron or zinc can be in makeup, especially shiny or glittery types.

Metal in Makeup?

The metals in makeup can react to the MRI's magnets, which might blur the images.

Why No Makeup?

What Happens Then?

If the pictures get blurry, doctors can't see clearly what’s inside you.

Just to Be Safe!

So, it’s best to go with a clean face. No makeup means clearer pictures!

Not Just Makeup

This goes for skincare products like lotions or sunscreens with metals too!

Always ask your doctor what you should avoid wearing for your MRI.