Can You Bring Your Teddy Bear to an MRI Scan?

What is an MRI?

An MRI is a big machine that doctors use to look inside your body without surgery.

Why an MRI?

It helps doctors see if everything is okay inside, like checking if your bones and muscles are healthy.

Your Teddy Bear

Going to the doctor can feel a bit scary, and you might want to bring your teddy bear for comfort.

But Can Teddy Come?

Most things can't go into the MRI room because the machine is like a super-strong magnet.

If teddy is made of cloth and doesn't have any metal, sometimes he can come along!

Teddy's Material

Metal can fly towards the machine because it's so magnetic, which can be dangerous.

Why No Metal?

Checking with Doctors

Always ask your doctor if it's safe to bring your teddy bear into the MRI room.

If Teddy Stays Behind

If teddy can't come, don't worry! The scan is quick, and you'll be back with him soon.

You'll lie down, and the machine will make some noise, but it's just taking pictures inside.