Can You Choose the Music in an MRI?

MRI Experience

MRI machines are like big cameras that take pictures of the inside of your body.

Music in MRI

Some MRI machines let you listen to music during the scan to help you relax.

Choosing Your Music

You might be able to pick your favorite songs or a calming playlist before the scan.

Staying Calm

Listening to music can help you feel more comfortable and less scared during the scan.

You'll wear headphones so you can hear the music over the loud MRI noises.


If you're curious about listening to music during your MRI, ask the technician—they'll let you know if it's an option.

Ask Your Technician

Other Ways to Relax

If music isn't available, you can try deep breathing or imagining yourself in a peaceful place.

Remember to Stay Still

Even if you're listening to music, it's important to stay very still during the scan.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself listening to your favorite songs while getting your MRI.