Coffee Before an MRI Scan: What You Need to Know

Exploring whether you can enjoy your morning coffee before an MRI scan.

What's a MRI Scan?

MRIs are like super-powered cameras that take pictures inside your body.

Coffee and MRIs

Before an MRI, you might get instructions about what you can eat or drink.

What effect drink coffee before an MRI

Coffee contains caffeine, which can affect MRI results.

Caffeine can change how your brain works, potentially affecting MRI images.

Effects on the Brain

It might make it harder for doctors to see details clearly.

Risks of Drinking Coffee

Importance of Accurate Images

Clear MRI pictures help doctors make the right decisions about your health.

Best Practices

To ensure the best MRI results, avoid coffee or any caffeinated drinks beforehand.

Prioritize clear and accurate MRI images by following your doctor's instructions.