Can you go to an MRI scan with a cold?

What is an MRI?

An MRI is a machine that takes special pictures of the inside of your body using magnets.

Having a Cold During Your MRI

Generally, it's okay to have an MRI if you have a mild cold.

When to Worry

If your cold comes with a high fever or makes you very tired, it's better to tell your doctor.

Talking to Your Doctor

Always let your doctor know how you're feeling. They can decide if the MRI should be rescheduled.

If your cold makes you feel very sleepy, this might affect your ability to stay still during the scan.

Feeling Tired?

The MRI team wants to make sure you and everyone else stays healthy.

Health First

Don’t Spread Germs

If you have a cold, wear a mask and wash your hands to keep germs away from others.

Rescheduling is Easy

If you’re too sick, the MRI can be rescheduled. Your health is the most important!

Most of the time, a little cold won’t stop your MRI, but always check with your doctor first!