Can You Have an MRI If You Have Braces?

What's an MRI?

MRI is like a super camera that takes pictures inside your body to help doctors see what's going on.

Braces Basics

Braces are cool source that help fix teeth, but they're made of metal.

Magnetic Mystery

MRI machines use big magnets to work their magic.

Metal Matters

Metal in braces can cause problems in MRI machines.

Before an MRI, doctors check to make sure it's safe for you and your braces.

Safety First

Sometimes, doctors use shields to protect your braces during an MRI.

Special Shields


If MRI isn't safe, doctors have other ways to peek inside.

Special Precautions

Sometimes, the orthodontist might need to make adjustments braces to ensure safety during the MRI.

After the MRI, orthodontist checks braces again to make sure they're okay.