Can You Take Medication Before an MRI Scan?

What is an MRI?

An MRI is a machine that doctors use to look inside your body without surgery. It’s like a superhero camera!

Why Worry About Medicine?

Some medicines might affect the MRI pictures, so it's important to check first.

Most Medicines are Okay

Most regular medicines don't interfere with an MRI.

But, There Are Exceptions!

However, some medicines need special attention. Always best to ask a doctor!

Even vitamins or supplements should be mentioned to your doctor before an MRI.

What About Vitamins?

Always tell your doctor about ALL the medicines you’re taking before the MRI.

Checking With a Doctor

What If I Forget?

If you forget to mention a medicine, tell the MRI technician as soon as you remember.

Medicine on the Day of MRI?

Take your daily medicines as usual unless the doctor tells you otherwise.

What Doctors Do With This Info?

Knowing your medicines helps doctors make sure your MRI results are clear and safe.

Being honest about your medicines helps make your MRI go smoothly.