Can you use eye drops before MRI scans?

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It uses magnets to look inside your body!

Eye Drops

Eye drops help keep your eyes moist and comfortable. But can you use them before an MRI?

Check Ingredients

Some eye drops have metals which can react to MRI's magnets. Always check the ingredients!

Ask Your Doctor

Before you have an MRI, ask your doctor if you can use your usual eye drops.

If your eye drops contain metals, your doctor might ask you to skip them before the scan.

Metal in Drops?

Your doctor can suggest other eye drops that are safe to use before an MRI.

Alternative Options

On the Day of the MRI

On the day of your MRI, follow your doctor’s advice about using eye drops.

Keep Eyes Comfortable

If you can't use your drops, there are other ways to keep your eyes comfortable.

During the MRI, keep your eyes closed and think of a happy place!