Coconut water or Lemon Water for Better Hydration

What's Coconut Water?

It's the clear liquid from inside young, green coconuts. Yummy and refreshing!

Benefits of Coconut Water

Packed with minerals and low in calories, it’s like a natural sports drink!

What's Lemon Water?

Simply water mixed with the juice of fresh lemon. It's tangy and delicious!

Great for staying hydrated and it gives you a vitamin C boost!

Benefits of Lemon Water

Coconut water is sweet and mild. Lemon water is zesty and sharp. Which do you prefer?

Taste Test!

Hydration Power

Both help keep you hydrated, but coconut water has extra electrolytes like potassium.

When to Drink?

Coconut water is perfect after playtime. Lemon water is refreshing any time of day!

Fun Fact!

Athletes drink coconut water to replenish their bodies. Lemon water can freshen your breath!

Make Your Own

Add a slice of lemon to your water or try some coconut water straight from the coconut!

Both are champions of hydration. Why not switch it up and enjoy both?