Consequences of chewing gum before a PET scan

What is a PET Scan?

A PET scan is a special test doctors use to see what’s happening inside your body.

Why Do Doctors Use PET Scans?

Doctors use them to find problems like sickness in organs and tissues.

Getting Ready for a PET Scan

Before a PET scan, there are important rules to follow to get clear pictures.

Can I Chew Gum Before a PET Scan?

You might wonder if chewing gum is okay before your scan. Let’s find out!

Most gums have sugar or sweeteners that can affect your body’s sugar levels.

Chewing Gum and Sugar

The scan shows doctors how sugar moves in your body, so it needs to be normal.

Why Sugar Levels Matter?

What Happens if You Chew Gum?

Chewing gum can change your sugar levels, making the pictures less clear.

Unclear Pictures?

If pictures are unclear, doctors might not see what’s wrong or might see things that aren’t there.

What Else Should I Avoid?

Also avoid eating and drinking anything but water for a few hours before the scan.

It’s best to follow the rules like not chewing gum to get the best results from your scan.