Cooling Down When You're Super Scared

Take a Deep Breath

Breathe in slowly, hold it, and breathe out. Do it three times!

Count to Ten

Slowly count to ten in your head. It helps your mind relax!

Picture Your Happy Place

Think of a place that makes you super happy. Imagine you're there!

Hold a pillow or a stuffed toy. Squeeze it tight and let go!

Squeeze Something Soft

Grab some crayons and draw anything you feel. It's a great way to let out fear!

Draw What You Feel

Talk About It

Find someone you trust and tell them why you're scared. Sharing helps a lot!

Move Around

Stand up and shake your body, or dance around. Moving makes you feel better!

Listen to Music

Play your favorite tunes. Music can soothe your nerves.

Read a Book

Reading can take your mind off scary thoughts. Pick up your favorite book!

Think of a time you were brave. Remind yourself that you can be brave again!