Cost of an MRI Brain Scan in Chandigarh

What is an MRI?

It's a machine that helps doctors see inside your head!

Why an MRI?

Doctors use it to check if everything is okay with your brain.

Where to go?

In Chandigarh, many hospitals have MRI machines.

First Step

Your doctor will tell you if you need an MRI.

Wear comfy clothes without any metal for the scan.

Getting Ready!

The room has a big machine that looks like a giant donut.

Inside the MRI Room

During the Scan

You'll lie down and the machine will take pictures of your brain.

Is it scary?

It's loud, but not scary. You can close your eyes and think of a fun song!

How long does it take?

About 30 to 60 minutes, like watching a short movie.

What does it cost?

In Chandigarh, the cost starts around Rs. 4500.

Why so pricey?

The machine is very special and gives doctors important info.

Once it's over, you can go home and play or rest!