CT scan with contrast: Hair dye concerns

What's a CT Scan?

A CT scan is like a super-powerful X-ray that takes pictures of the inside of your body to help doctors see what’s going on!

What Does 'With Contrast' Mean?

Sometimes, doctors use a special dye in the CT scan. This dye makes the pictures clearer.

Why Use Contrast Dye?

The dye helps highlight areas inside your body, making it easier for doctors to spot problems.

Hair Dye and CT Scans

Did you know? If you've recently dyed your hair, it might affect your CT scan.

Some hair dyes contain metals that can react to the CT scan, especially when using contrast dye.

What’s the Worry?

Tell your doctor about any recent hair treatments before your scan.

Before Your CT Scan

Safety First!

Doctors might ask about your hair dye to make sure your scan is safe and clear.

What If I Just Dyed My Hair?

Your doctor might wait a bit before doing a CT scan or use a different method to check.

No special preparation is needed, but always follow your doctor's advice!