Do All Hospitals Have MRI Machines?

What is an MRI?

MRI machines are special source doctors use to look inside your body without surgery.

Big and Expensive

MRI machines are very big and cost a lot of money.

Not in Every Hospital

Because they're expensive, not every hospital has an MRI machine.

Where Are They Found?

Larger hospitals in cities usually have at least one MRI machine.

Smaller hospitals might not have their own MRI machines.

Small Hospitals

These hospitals might use other machines like X-rays or CT scanners alternatively.

Alternative Options

Sharing Resources

Some small hospitals share MRI machines with other hospitals.

When Do You Need an MRI?

Doctors decide if you need an MRI based on what they need to see inside your body.

Hospitals use different ways to make sure you get the best care, whether they have an MRI or not.