Do I have to take my bra off for an MRI?

What's an MRI?

An MRI machine helps doctors see inside your body to check your health.

Why Remove Metal?

MRI machines use powerful magnets, so metal objects can be unsafe near them.

What About Bras?

Some bras have metal underwires or clasps, which are not MRI-safe.

Metal-Free Options

Wear a bra without metal, or you might be asked to remove it for safety.

You’ll use a private room to change if you need to remove your bra.

Getting Changed

Choose comfy clothes without zippers or buttons for your MRI.

What to Wear?

Safe Storage

Your belongings, like jewelry and glasses, will have a secure place during your scan.

During the Scan

You'll lie down, and the technician will help make sure you're comfortable.

Keep still to get the best images. It helps the doctors see what they need.