Does Having a Cold Affect Your MRI?

What's an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's a special camera that takes pictures of the inside of your body!

What's a Cold?

A cold is when you sneeze, cough, and feel yucky. It's very common and nothing to worry about!

The Big Question

Can having a cold change your MRI results? Let’s find out!

No Big Changes

Good news! Having a cold doesn’t really change your MRI pictures.

MRI looks at your body's structure. A cold affects your nose and throat, not the parts MRI usually looks at.

Why No Effect?

If you're sniffly or coughing, the MRI machine can still take clear pictures.

Feeling Sniffly?

Stay Still!

The most important thing during an MRI is to stay very still, even if you have a cold.

Before the MRI

Tell the doctor if you feel too sick. They want you to be comfortable!

During the MRI

If you need to sneeze during the MRI, try to hold it, or let the doctor know!

So, having a cold is okay! It won't mess up your MRI. Feel better soon!