Fighting Multiple Sclerosis with Medicine

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is when your immune system gets confused and starts affecting your nerves.

How Does MS Affect You?

It can make you feel really tired, cause pain, or make it hard to move smoothly.

What is Medicine's Role?

Doctors use special medicines to help calm the immune system and keep MS under control.

There are medicines you can take as a pill, some you get as a shot, and others given through a drip.

Types of MS Medicines

These medicines help keep the symptoms mild and can slow down MS.

How Medicine Helps

Taking Medicine Regularly

It's important to take your medicine just like the doctor says to help you stay active and happy.

What Else Can Help?

Eating healthy, staying active, and getting plenty of rest also make a big difference!

Regular check-ups help the doctor make sure your medicine is working right.