Folic Acid Vs folate What’s The difference

What is Folate?

Folate is a vitamin found naturally in many foods like spinach, oranges, and beans.

Folate's Super Powers

Folate is great for your body. It helps make new cells, especially red blood cells.

What is Folic Acid?

Folic Acid is the man-made form of Folate. It's added to foods like cereals and bread.

Taking Folic Acid is especially important for pregnant women to help babies grow healthy.

Folic Acid's Special Role

Both help prevent birth defects and keep our blood healthy. Super important, right?

Why do we need them?

Folic Acid in Foods

You can find Folic Acid in fortified foods—these are foods that have nutrients added to them.

Folate in Foods

Natural Folate is in leafy greens, nuts, and fruits. Yummy and healthy!

Are They the Same?

They're not exactly the same, but both are forms of Vitamin B9, crucial for our health.

Can you have too much?

Yes, too much Folic Acid from supplements can be unhealthy, so balance is key!

Getting Enough

Eating a variety of foods with Folate and Folic Acid will help you get enough of each.

Folate is natural, and Folic Acid is man-made. Both are important for your health. Eat well and stay healthy!