Help for Eating Too Much or Too Little

Too Much Cake?

Eating a lot sometimes is okay, but too much can make your tummy hurt.

Just a Bite!

Eating too little isn't good either. Your body needs fuel to play and grow!

Listen to Your Tummy

It tells you when you’re full or still hungry. Pay attention to it!

Fill your plate with lots of colors! Greens, reds, and yellows make eating fun and healthy.

Colorful Plates

Drink water instead of soda. It keeps you hydrated without feeling too full.

Water is Wonderful

Snack Smart

Choose snacks like fruits or nuts over chips. They give you energy for a longer time!

Meal Times

Eating at regular times helps your body know when it's food time and when it’s playtime.

Sports and Fun

Active play helps manage how much you eat and keeps you fit.

If you're unsure about eating, talk to someone you trust like a parent or teacher.