High-Fiber Foods to Manage Weight and Constipation


Crunchy apples are not only tasty but packed with fiber that helps our stomach stay happy!


Crunch on some carrots for a healthy snack that keeps your belly full and your digestion on track!


Beans are like tiny power packs of fiber. They help us feel full and keep our belly at ease!

Start your day with a bowl of oats! They're like a gentle broom for our insides, sweeping away troubles.


Juicy pears are not just sweet, but they have lots of fiber to keep our digestion moving!


Whole Grains

Eating foods like whole wheat bread helps us get more fiber and stay full longer.


Broccoli might look like little trees, but they're great for digestion because they're full of fiber.


Berries are tiny but mighty! They have lots of fiber to help us stay healthy and happy.


Nuts are a crunchy treat that give us energy and lots of fiber for a healthy stomach.

Fiber helps us feel full, keeps our digestion smooth, and can even make us stronger!