How a Special Device Watches Over Sugar in Your Blood

What’s Sugar in Blood?

Just like snacks give you energy, your body needs sugar, called glucose, for power!

Why Check Sugar?

Keeping sugar at the right level is super important to stay healthy and energetic.

Meet the Glucose Monitor!

A tiny, smart device called a glucose monitor helps watch your sugar levels.

This little gadget sticks to your skin painlessly, like a small patch!

How It Sticks On

It measures how much sugar is in your blood, all through the day.

What Does It Do?

No More Guessing

No need to guess your sugar levels; the monitor gives accurate numbers!

Sugar Level Alerts

If sugar is too high or too low, the device will let you know immediately.

Checking the Monitor

You can look at a screen to see your sugar levels anytime you want.

This device shares info with doctors, so they know how to help you best.