How Can MRI Machines Look Through You?

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's a big machine that helps doctors look inside your body.

The Magic Begins

When you lie inside an MRI machine, it uses a giant magnet and radio waves to look inside your body.

Super Strong Magnets

The MRI has very strong magnets that create a powerful magnetic field around you. This is key to looking inside!

Radio Waves

Along with the magnets, the MRI uses radio waves. These waves talk to the water in your body to create pictures.

Your body has a lot of water. The MRI machine uses this water to make clear images of what's inside you.

Water in Your Body

The signals from the water are captured by the machine and turned into pictures by a computer. These pictures show what's inside you!

Creating the Image

No X-rays Here!

Unlike other machines that use X-rays, MRI doesn't. It's all about magnets and radio waves.

Why Use MRI?

Doctors use MRI to find out if there are any problems inside like an injury or sickness without using surgery.

Safe and Sound

Staying still helps the MRI make better pictures. It's safe, and you don't feel a thing!

Once the MRI is done, doctors look at the pictures to see how to help you feel better.