How Cough Syrup Helps You Stop Coughing

What is Cough?

A cough is your body's way of getting rid of stuff that shouldn't be in your throat or lungs.

Why We Cough

Sometimes, when we're sick, our airways get irritated and we cough to clear them.

Enter Cough Syrup!

Cough syrup is a special medicine that helps calm your cough.

Cough syrup has ingredients that soothe your throat and fight the germs.

The Magic Ingredients

It coats your throat, making it feel less scratchy and irritated.

Soothing the Throat

Reducing the Urge

Some syrups have special medicine to reduce your urge to cough.

Fighting Germs

Other syrups have ingredients that help kill or stop germs from growing.

Always follow the directions on the bottle or from your doctor!