How Do Cholesterol Medicines Help Your Heart?

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance in our blood that our body needs a little bit of!

Good vs. Bad Cholesterol

There are two types: Good cholesterol (helps the body) and bad cholesterol (can cause heart problems).

What Happens with Too Much Bad Cholesterol?

It can build up and block blood flow in our heart's arteries.

These medicines help lower the bad cholesterol in our blood.

Enter Cholesterol Medicines!

They work by telling your liver to make less bad cholesterol.

How Do These Medicines Work?

Another Cool Job!

They also help your body remove any extra bad cholesterol more easily.

Result? Cleaner Arteries!

With less bad cholesterol, your arteries are happier and healthier!

Healthy Arteries Mean..

Your heart can get all the blood it needs to keep beating strong.

Always remember to take your medicine as your doctor tells you.