How Do Medicines Help People with Diabetes?

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is when your body has trouble with a sugar called glucose. It's like needing help to unlock a door to use sugar for energy!

Sugar and Insulin

Usually, a key called insulin helps sugar get into our body’s cells. But sometimes, the body doesn’t make enough insulin.

Need for Medication

When there’s not enough insulin, sugar builds up in the blood. That's why some people need medicines to help!

There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 means the body can’t make insulin. Type 2 means the body doesn't use insulin well.

Types of Diabetes

People with Type 1 diabetes take insulin injections. This insulin acts like the missing key!

Insulin Injections

Pills for Diabetes

People with Type 2 sometimes take pills. These help their body make more insulin or use it better.

Monitoring Sugar Levels

Taking medicine also means checking sugar levels in the blood to make sure they're just right!

Eating Right

Along with medicine, eating healthy foods helps control sugar levels.

Staying Active

Exercise is important too. It helps use up the sugar in our bodies!

Regular check-ups with a doctor help keep everything on track.