How Do MRI Scans Help Pets?

Pets Are Family

Just like people, pets sometimes need special medical tests to help them feel better.

The Vet's Office

At the vet's office, pets can get an MRI scan to help the vet see inside their bodies.

What's an MRI?

An MRI is like a big camera that takes pictures of the inside of your pet's body.

Finding Problems

MRI scans help vets find out what's wrong if your pet is sick or injured.

Pets have to stay very still during the MRI, just like people do, to get clear pictures.

Staying Still

Some vet offices play calming music during the MRI to help pets relax.

Listening to Music

No Need to Worry

Just like people, pets don't feel any pain during the MRI—it's just like getting their picture taken!

Helping the Vet

MRI scans help vets figure out the best way to help your pet feel better.

After the MRI, your pet can get the right treatment to help them get back to feeling like themselves.