How Do Scans Help Doctors Fix Injuries?

Scans are Superheroes

Scans like X-rays and MRIs are like superheroes that help doctors see inside your body to fix injuries.

Finding the Problem

Scans show doctors exactly where the injury is and how bad it is.

X-ray Power

X-rays help doctors see broken bones and fractures, so they know how to fix them.

Super Detailed MRI

MRIs take super-detailed pictures that show soft tissues like muscles and ligaments, helping doctors plan surgeries.

Scans help doctors know exactly where to operate and what needs fixing.

Planning for Surgery

Scans help doctors avoid mistakes during surgery by showing them exactly what's inside your body.

Preventing Mistakes

Seeing Inside

Scans let doctors see inside your body without having to do surgery first.

Making Sure Everything's Okay

After surgery, doctors use scans to make sure everything's fixed and healing well.

Scans help doctors keep you safe and make sure you get the best care possible.