How Do Vaccines Protect You from Diseases?

What Are Vaccines?

Vaccines are special shots that teach your body how to fight off certain germs.

Germs and Diseases

Germs are tiny invaders that can make you sick. Diseases are illnesses caused by these germs.

How Vaccines Work

Vaccines show your body a tiny, harmless piece of a germ, so it can learn to fight it.

Your body has a defense team called the immune system. Vaccines help train this team.

Body's Defense Team

When you get a vaccine, your body makes antibodies, which are like tiny warriors that fight germs.

Making Antibodies

Memory Cells

Vaccines also create memory cells that remember how to fight the germ if it comes back.

Why Vaccines Are Important

Vaccines protect you from getting really sick and help stop the spread of diseases.

Community Protection

When lots of people get vaccinated, it helps protect everyone, even those who can't get vaccinated.

There are different kinds of vaccines for different diseases, like the flu, measles, and more.