How Do X-Rays Look at Your Bones?

Secrets Inside Your Bones

X-rays are like special cameras that take pictures of the inside of your body, especially your bones!

Bone Detectives

X-rays help doctors see if your bones are broken, twisted, or growing the right way.

Ready for Your Close-Up

When you get an X-ray, you'll stand or lie very still while the X-ray machine takes pictures.

Seeing Through Your Skin

X-rays can pass through your skin, but not through your bones, so they make a shadowy picture of your bones.

Broken bones show up as darker areas on the X-ray, helping doctors see where the problem is.

Different Colors

Dentists use X-rays to look inside your teeth for cavities or other problems.

Checking for Cavities

Safety First

X-rays are safe, but you'll wear a heavy apron to protect the rest of your body from the X-rays.

Quick and Easy

Getting an X-ray is quick and easy—you'll be done before you know it!

X-rays help doctors solve mysteries about your bones and keep you healthy and strong.