How Does Exercise Affect Your Heart?

Pump It Up

As you run, jump, or play, your heart works hard like a powerful pump to keep you moving!

Beat Faster

During exercise, your heart can beat much faster than normal—this is totally normal and safe!

Strong Heart

Regular exercise makes your heart stronger, just like working out makes your muscles bigger!

A strong heart pumps more blood with each beat. That means it works more efficiently!

More Blood

When you exercise, you breathe faster too. This helps your heart get more oxygen.

Deep Breaths

Feel the Beat

Ever felt your pulse after running? That's your heart telling you it's working hard!

Stamina Boost

The more you exercise, the longer you can run or play without getting tired. Thanks, heart!

Heart Health

Exercise helps keep your heart healthy and can prevent heart problems in the future.

Cool Down

After exercising, your heart rate slowly comes back to normal as you cool down.

Always listen to your body. If your heart feels weird during exercise, take a break!