How Does the Body Fight Off Germs?

Germs Everywhere

Germs are tiny invaders that can make us sick. They are found everywhere, but our body knows how to handle them.

The Skin

Our skin is the first line of defense. It acts like a shield, preventing germs from entering our body.

Mucus and Cilia

Inside our nose and throat, sticky mucus and tiny hairs called cilia trap and push out germs.

The stomach has strong acids that kill many germs we might swallow with our food.

Stomach Acid

White blood cells are like soldiers in our bloodstream. They hunt down and destroy germs.

White Blood Cells


Our body creates antibodies, special proteins that recognize and neutralize harmful germs.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system collects and filters out germs from our body, working like a cleaning crew.


Sometimes, our body raises its temperature to create a fever. This helps to slow down and kill germs.


Vaccines train our body to recognize and fight specific germs, making us stronger against diseases.

Eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep help keep our immune system strong and ready to fight germs.