How Long Does It Take to Get an MRI?

What is an MRI?

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It's a special camera that takes pictures of the inside of your body!

Why Get an MRI?

Doctors use MRI to look inside your body to check if everything is healthy, without having to do surgery.

Getting Ready!

Before your MRI, you might need to change into a hospital gown. Remember, no metal!

Where It Happens

You'll go into a special room with a large machine that looks like a giant doughnut. That's the MRI scanner!

You'll lie down on a moving bed that slides into the scanner. Time to stay super still!

Inside the Machine

The MRI machine makes loud knocking sounds. It’s just the machine working to take pictures.

What You'll Hear

How Long Does It Take?

Usually, an MRI takes about 30 minutes, but it can be shorter or longer, depending on what your doctor needs to see.

Staying Comfortable

If you need to, you can talk to the MRI technician through a microphone if you feel uncomfortable.

The doctor will look at the MRI pictures and tell you what they see. You might need to wait a few days for results.