How to Enhance Your Digestion with Fermented Foods

What are Fermented Foods?

Fermented foods are made by friendly tiny bugs that help food taste yummy and are good for your tummy!

Yogurt Magic

Yogurt is a superhero food that helps your stomach digest food better!

Fabulous Kimchi

Kimchi from Korea is spicy cabbage that keeps your digestion strong!

Super Sauerkraut

Did you know? Sauerkraut is just cabbage that’s been fermented. It’s great for your gut!

Kefir is a drink full of good bugs that help your tummy work smoothly.

Kefir – The Drinkable Yogurt

Miso soup is a tasty treat from Japan that helps digest meals better.

Miso Soup

Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods

Eating fermented foods can make your stomach feel good and help you digest better.

How Often Should You Eat Them?

Try to eat a little bit of fermented foods every day for the best results!

Making Fermented Foods at Home

You can make simple fermented foods like yogurt and sauerkraut at home with your family.

Start adding some fermented foods to your meals and feel the difference in your digestion!