How to Make a Brave Chart for Hospital Visits

Be Brave at the Hospital

Going to the hospital can be scary, but you can be brave with a special Brave Chart!

What's a Brave Chart?

A Brave Chart is like a checklist to help you feel brave and proud during hospital visits.

Choose Your Goals

Write down things you want to do at the hospital, like meeting new friends or asking questions.

Track Your Progress

Use your chart to mark off completed tasks, witnessing your resilience grow with each checkmark.

Consider bringing a comforting item or loved one to accompany you, providing a sense of security.

Bring Along Support

Personalize your chart with drawings or motivational messages, turning it into a reflection of your strength and determination.

Express Yourself

Affirm Your Courage

Write affirmations to maintain your confidence, reinforcing your belief in your ability to handle challenges.

Plan a Reward

Treat yourself after your hospital visit as a token of acknowledgment for your bravery.

Acknowledge any fear you may feel, but let courage guide your actions as you face them head-on.