How to Manage PMS with Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes

Manage PMS with Nutrition & Lifestyle

Ease PMS symptoms naturally with these effective tips.

Increase Calcium

Dairy, greens, and almonds are calcium-rich and can reduce fatigue and depression.

Opt for Complex Carbs

Whole grains and vegetables help stabilize mood swings.

Rich in B Vitamins

Incorporate poultry, fish, and eggs to alleviate irritability.

Spinach, pumpkin seeds, and yogurt can ease muscle aches.

Magnesium Matters

Reduce bloating and mood swings by cutting back on processed foods.

Limit Salt and Sugar

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to help with bloating.

Regular Exercise

Activity such as yoga and walking can boost your mood and energy levels.

Aim for 7-9 hours per night to improve mood and decrease fatigue.

Prioritize Sleep

Stress Management

Techniques like meditation and deep breathing can regulate emotions.

Stay Healthy 

Dietary and lifestyle adjustments can significantly mitigate PMS symptoms, enhancing your quality of life.